Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Slayin'!

It's the most wonderful time of the past three weeks. A new podcast!

Of course, after listening to this you'll want an update on Allen's drink throwing date, which has happened. Well, we're not telling you what happened until next epsiode. In the meantime, here's a few Star Wars related videos.

This one was referred to but edited out. It answers the decade-old nerd question with a definitive "Jay Baruchel shot first."

This one makes Eric very angry for its content and Shaun very angry for the fact that in 2010, we still have quick time events in video games. The discussion of it was also cut.

And an ad for the new Robot Chicken Star Wars special. We'd show you the proper quality one if Adult Swim didn't block their youtube clips from being shown in Canada.

Happy Life Day to all!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Dill Puffery

Hey y'all, here's a new episode!

We'd like to correct a wrong in the episode and confirm that Paul Bettany is in fact in the movie Wimbledon, not Rhys Ifans. They remain equally pale.

Also, here's a taste of NMA's fine work:

Find more news at

And hey, here's a picture referred to in the teaser:

Pleasant dreams!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Halloween pics

Oh god, I finally figured out how to grab pictures off Facebook in its new format. Yes, I am a tech-phobic 68 year old curmudgeon (could you tell by my voice?).

Here are Eric and Shaun. Allen's monkey butler may appear or may be lost forever to the annals of memory.

Eric as Pumaman, having just finished making a cheese sandwich in his kitchen:

Shaun as the internet circa mid-2010:

I said ANNALS!

New podcast coming next week... probably??? We'll see.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Even MORE Halloweeny!

Yes, with Halloween having happened, we have much Halloweeness to discuss. First, here is the inspiration for Eric's costume.

We'd love to share halloween costume photos with you, but facebook has found new ways to be a prick, now not allowing photos to be shared across the internet (or at least making it harder than one would hope). They may come up in the future but for now, have a podcast instead!

Friday, October 15, 2010


Hey y'all, here's a new podcast!

Not only that, but how about a little taste of Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly?

Why not, right?

Oh and as long as we're why notting, how about a bit of barfing pumpkin?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The back to school episode

Here's a new episode. Go ahead and download it.

Just as Eric suggested we'd find, here is Last Man on Earth, the first I Am Legend adaptation, in its public domain entirety.

Eric also suggested we'd find photos comparing Terry Jones (crazy Qur'an burning dude, not Monty Python member) and Denholm Reynholm (deceased president of Reynholm Industries). Couldn't find it, but here's a picture of each.

If I was Craig Ferguson, I might say one is a grotesque caricature of ignorant modern values, and the other is Denholm Reynholm.
I'm here all week!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bella's not dumb, she just guards her thoughts.

August is Bella Swan month? Sure it is. Wait until you hear what she gets up to in Breaking Dawn.

Also, to be noted-- we referred to "Ginny Tugboat" at one point. The listener we meant is of course Ginny Catamaran. Apologies to Miss Catamaran.

And hey, before you listen to us blather on for nearly an hour, listen to Peter Serafinowiczscszscscczzzzzs (damn, I always lose track towards the end of that name) blather on for three and a half minutes in Markets of Britain:

Okay. Now listen to us. This is the link.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How about a pair of podcasts?

We've got two for you. The first is for anyone who's seen Inception and want to hear about what a few geeks thought about it. It's here.

The second is in the classic Justice Pals style. We talk about a bunch of stuff, like Roger Corman's upcoming Sharktopus:

And Roger Corman's older work like Battle Beyond the Stars, which features this space ship designed my James Cameron, with bigger tits than Mt. Everest:

We also remember our Twilight New Moon location tour (hosted by Shaun and Eric for which you can see in three parts here:

Hear the podcast here.

*note: Just noticed the videos hang a bit past the edge of the blog. You can find thos Twilight videos (and the rest of our BTS shows) at

Monday, July 12, 2010

So many links...

Alright, there's a new episode up and we've got so much to tell you about, so let's get to it. First, there is this video, the discussion of which was edited out, but was still promised towards the end somewhere. You've probably already seen it anyway. It does have over 4 million views, after all.

Next up, a photo of Parker Posey and Michael Hitchcock, the latter of whom we could not name in the show.

We picked up a conversation midway through in which Shaun was ranting about a comment thread. This is where you can find it, and if you want to go on believing humanity can ever be decent again, don't read it:

Damn it, I just went and started reading it again while I was grabbing the link and now I hate everything! Okay, pull it together. Here is the trailer for the upcoming Mitchell Hurwitz/Will Arnett show, Running Wilde:

And we have the racebending picture:

And finally a link to the episode.

Oh, and we'll get Eric's gas pump picture up soon.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Livin's easy. Just ask Victoria.

Yes, it's summertime and you are going to hear all about Victoria's role in the Twilight series. It won't take long. There's plenty more to hear on this Justice Pals episode, plus a couple of loose ends to tie up.

1) Geena Davis is in fact 54 years old and was 43 when she was almost an olympic archer.

2) Ellen Page is the lady in Inception, though she was never a sitcom star. We may have been confused because she's been on TV a lot lately on those ads. We're definitely confused by the purpose of the Ellen Page ads and we certainly do not know what they're trying to sell us.

Want some context for those loose ends? Then you should listen to the episode here.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Three new podcasts!

We've got 3 new episodes up right now, so I'm not going to link to them individually. You just need to go to if you want to hear them.

First there's the Ashes to Ashes recap episode, for those of you who have already watched Ashes to Ashes. If you haven't go watch Life on Mars, and then Ashes to Ashes, which finished up with a great final episode. And then come back and listen to this show.

Then there's our special Lost episode, in which we give the same treatment to the finale of Lost. If you haven't watched that yet, then what are you on some time-travelling desert magic island?

Finally, we have a new plain old regular Justice Pals chatting about bullshit episode. In it we mention London Mewsings, a blog written by a friend of ours. We also mention, a website that has more Eric Fell then one might hope for. Hint: click on communication and then click on the girl's pink shirt while the video plays to see Eric's mad hip hop skillz.

We've lost Gary Coleman and Dennis Hopper over the weekend, who wants to bet the rule of threes will take a Busey next?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Somebody change Bella.

Folks, you may not have seen Harpo Marx's resurgence as a Twilight character, but here's a look.

Oh, those waifish teen vampidols!

Also mentioned during the recording of this week's podcast were the videos of K-Strass's yo-yo champion exploits. That was mostly edited out, but here's a video:

Of course, the day after we recorded, these videos were ranking pretty high on digg, so you should probably have seen this already, you internet-savvy nerds, but in case you missed it, there it is.

Also, we struggled to remember Will Forte's role in his recent appearance on 30 Rock. It was of course this hilarious character:

Of course, the fact that we couldn't remember Will Forte in this brilliant piece of writing supports the idea that he's just not that memorable an actor (Shaun's opinion).

Oh, and Mike Judge's latest movie was Extract. Extract is not an adjective.

Listen to the episode here and spot the two times that your hosts speak in stereo (podcast only available in mono).

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Everybody gets one!

More shenanigans than usual on this episode as we bring you a slightly longer than one hour nerdstravaganza!

First, some business: It was Edward Norton acting behind a mask, not Kevin Spacey. Shaun tried to throw down some facts about Kingdom of Heaven but turned out he was Olivia Munn-ing it.

And you've all seen this video by now, but if you haven't, drink it in. Miracles are everywhere up in this bitch.

And for you Monty Python nerds, here's part one of their Bird's Eye Frozen Peas video:

Finally for you podcast nerds, here is our latest episode.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A new episode for a new... day?

This episode marks our first as we invite Allen Morrison to stop being a frequent guest and start being our co-host. Of course, that means we need a new picture. This one will do until we can outsource something cooler:

We talk a little bit about the iPad, because EVERYONE IS DOING IT! The iPad can do some cool things. This is the coolest:

And what you've all been waiting for: The latest episode!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Reliving the olympic highs

Like everyone in Vancouver, except for a few who hate fun, we are still abuzz with olympic excitement as we bring you our latest podcast. But first, remember this?

This is at livecity Yaletown. I wasn't there for this particular game, but I was for a couple of games, not to mention some fantastic shows like Girl Talk's incredible Friday night party. Anyway, I could watch versions of this replay over and over again, but we've got a show to do.

Wait, one more olympic memory. As mentioned in the show, here is the lovely curler Melanie Robillard, a Canadian who curled for Germany. We'll forgive her.

Of course she didn't do as well as our girl Cheryl Bernard, who keeps her clothes on because she's a classy lady:

Also, as promised, we have some music videos for you to watch. But we'll warn you, they may destroy your good mood. Not quite the way Nickelback did on Sunday, but watch out.

Find out all about these things and more by listening to this!

Friday, February 5, 2010

New episode!

Yes. That's what's going on here.
Not much to link to from inside the episode so here's a few things we think are great.

Venture Bros is an awesome show!

I like Being Human!

Here's an episode of the Justice Pals Podcast!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Monkey on a Ferris Wheel

The title of this week's podcast comes from the sage advice given by this guy:

That's right, it's Marc Singer from V. Find out all you may wush to know about him and his ferrets on the new Justice Pals episode by clicking this link.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New episode for a new year!

So much to talk about this episode, we've broken the one hour mark. I blame James Cameron for changing the way we look at abusing people's patience. Here it is now!

You may have noticed Eric's claim that the backing music for this glorious song is the Imperial March from Return of the Jedi. Turns out he's right:

You also heard Eric's claim that this movie existed with Gary Oldman as a dwarf. You probably didn't realize it featured "command performances" from Kate Beckinsale and Matthew McConaughey or that Gary Oldman's was a "role of a lifetime". Now you know:

Tiptoes Trailer - Watch more Funny Videos

Also, miss the chipmunks of yesteryear? Don't go too far back, because before they looked like this:

They looked like REAL CHIPMUNKS!