Monday, July 12, 2010

So many links...

Alright, there's a new episode up and we've got so much to tell you about, so let's get to it. First, there is this video, the discussion of which was edited out, but was still promised towards the end somewhere. You've probably already seen it anyway. It does have over 4 million views, after all.

Next up, a photo of Parker Posey and Michael Hitchcock, the latter of whom we could not name in the show.

We picked up a conversation midway through in which Shaun was ranting about a comment thread. This is where you can find it, and if you want to go on believing humanity can ever be decent again, don't read it:

Damn it, I just went and started reading it again while I was grabbing the link and now I hate everything! Okay, pull it together. Here is the trailer for the upcoming Mitchell Hurwitz/Will Arnett show, Running Wilde:

And we have the racebending picture:

And finally a link to the episode.

Oh, and we'll get Eric's gas pump picture up soon.

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