Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How about a pair of podcasts?

We've got two for you. The first is for anyone who's seen Inception and want to hear about what a few geeks thought about it. It's here.

The second is in the classic Justice Pals style. We talk about a bunch of stuff, like Roger Corman's upcoming Sharktopus:

And Roger Corman's older work like Battle Beyond the Stars, which features this space ship designed my James Cameron, with bigger tits than Mt. Everest:

We also remember our Twilight New Moon location tour (hosted by Shaun and Eric for which you can see in three parts here:

Hear the podcast here.

*note: Just noticed the videos hang a bit past the edge of the blog. You can find thos Twilight videos (and the rest of our BTS shows) at

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