Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Reliving the olympic highs

Like everyone in Vancouver, except for a few who hate fun, we are still abuzz with olympic excitement as we bring you our latest podcast. But first, remember this?

This is at livecity Yaletown. I wasn't there for this particular game, but I was for a couple of games, not to mention some fantastic shows like Girl Talk's incredible Friday night party. Anyway, I could watch versions of this replay over and over again, but we've got a show to do.

Wait, one more olympic memory. As mentioned in the show, here is the lovely curler Melanie Robillard, a Canadian who curled for Germany. We'll forgive her.

Of course she didn't do as well as our girl Cheryl Bernard, who keeps her clothes on because she's a classy lady:

Also, as promised, we have some music videos for you to watch. But we'll warn you, they may destroy your good mood. Not quite the way Nickelback did on Sunday, but watch out.

Find out all about these things and more by listening to this!