Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New episode for a new year!

So much to talk about this episode, we've broken the one hour mark. I blame James Cameron for changing the way we look at abusing people's patience. Here it is now!

You may have noticed Eric's claim that the backing music for this glorious song is the Imperial March from Return of the Jedi. Turns out he's right:

You also heard Eric's claim that this movie existed with Gary Oldman as a dwarf. You probably didn't realize it featured "command performances" from Kate Beckinsale and Matthew McConaughey or that Gary Oldman's was a "role of a lifetime". Now you know:

Tiptoes Trailer - Watch more Funny Videos

Also, miss the chipmunks of yesteryear? Don't go too far back, because before they looked like this:

They looked like REAL CHIPMUNKS!

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