Thursday, May 13, 2010

Somebody change Bella.

Folks, you may not have seen Harpo Marx's resurgence as a Twilight character, but here's a look.

Oh, those waifish teen vampidols!

Also mentioned during the recording of this week's podcast were the videos of K-Strass's yo-yo champion exploits. That was mostly edited out, but here's a video:

Of course, the day after we recorded, these videos were ranking pretty high on digg, so you should probably have seen this already, you internet-savvy nerds, but in case you missed it, there it is.

Also, we struggled to remember Will Forte's role in his recent appearance on 30 Rock. It was of course this hilarious character:

Of course, the fact that we couldn't remember Will Forte in this brilliant piece of writing supports the idea that he's just not that memorable an actor (Shaun's opinion).

Oh, and Mike Judge's latest movie was Extract. Extract is not an adjective.

Listen to the episode here and spot the two times that your hosts speak in stereo (podcast only available in mono).

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