Friday, June 24, 2011

Pick up the Phone!

A lot's been going on around here lately. You can listen to hear all about it in the latest episode, but here's a quick pictoral recap.

We had a bit of trouble with these guys.

Eric was in a room with this guy.

We saw this and it was pretty great.

Oh, and Allen says we should put up stripper pictures to drive up traffic, so here you go.

Hey, and in case you missed it, we did a spoiler show about Game of Thrones. Listen to it if you've watched all the episodes of the first season. And enjoy this picture of hipster Jon Snow.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Non-traditional sports

How about a podcast in which we discuss our love of MarioKart 64, our delight in the TV show Community, and our joy in watching Bridesmaids? Because that's what we have to offer here. Oh, and this. It's the Cheese Rolling trailer for This is Spinal Tap.

Here's a link to the podcast!