Monday, May 31, 2010

Three new podcasts!

We've got 3 new episodes up right now, so I'm not going to link to them individually. You just need to go to if you want to hear them.

First there's the Ashes to Ashes recap episode, for those of you who have already watched Ashes to Ashes. If you haven't go watch Life on Mars, and then Ashes to Ashes, which finished up with a great final episode. And then come back and listen to this show.

Then there's our special Lost episode, in which we give the same treatment to the finale of Lost. If you haven't watched that yet, then what are you on some time-travelling desert magic island?

Finally, we have a new plain old regular Justice Pals chatting about bullshit episode. In it we mention London Mewsings, a blog written by a friend of ours. We also mention, a website that has more Eric Fell then one might hope for. Hint: click on communication and then click on the girl's pink shirt while the video plays to see Eric's mad hip hop skillz.

We've lost Gary Coleman and Dennis Hopper over the weekend, who wants to bet the rule of threes will take a Busey next?

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