Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Episode 2.08 is up now with Nick Harrison as our guest

Episode up now. We mentioned a lot of things. Here they are:

So here's my John Mayer video:

And a link to Nick's British Bobby video.

And the Lonely Stormtrooper:

And Patton Oswalt talking about the Star Wars Prequels:

Friday, February 6, 2009

Episode 2.07

Damn, it's been up since yesterday, and I forgot to blog. So here you go. One episode.

And one picture that shows what should have happened after episode 1 (of Star Wars, not the JPPC):

There should also have been one of Rick McCallum. I mean, let's be honest here people.

Hey, don't forget to come to Nerdprov, a new show featuring the Justice Pals and hosted by Ian Boothby at Chivana this Monday, February 9, at 8pm. That's at 4th and Vine in Vancouver. You'll like it and it's free this week.