Thursday, September 16, 2010

The back to school episode

Here's a new episode. Go ahead and download it.

Just as Eric suggested we'd find, here is Last Man on Earth, the first I Am Legend adaptation, in its public domain entirety.

Eric also suggested we'd find photos comparing Terry Jones (crazy Qur'an burning dude, not Monty Python member) and Denholm Reynholm (deceased president of Reynholm Industries). Couldn't find it, but here's a picture of each.

If I was Craig Ferguson, I might say one is a grotesque caricature of ignorant modern values, and the other is Denholm Reynholm.
I'm here all week!


Dave D said...

Shawn Stewart even spells her name the same!! At least there's one attractive Shawn Stewart out there.

Shaun said...

Sure, she spells her name the same as some people, but not me. And she is pretty attractive. I mean, she's no Shaun Stewart, but I'm sure she gets by.

Dave D said...

Oops. You'd think I'd know how to spell your name by now.
Since when did Shawn become a girls name? What's next Larry or Stan or Pete? Shawn use to be one of our manliest names. Isn't it Irish for John? If I have another son I'm going to give him a girls name to see how women like it.