Friday, December 23, 2011

Unattended Holiday Package

Allen is back and he comes home bearing gifts. Of course, as usual the gifts he bears will be loudly chewed on the microphone, because Allen is a dickhead (I want to guest-post a How You Can Be Cool about microphone etiquette).

We promised a link to the Restore Stephen Baldwin site, but sadly, it doesn't exist anymore. It's out there cached on the internet somewhere, but guess who doesn't care enough to go find it. Me (and, I assume, pretty much everybody).

Instead, how about a movie trailer? You've already seen it, but we're all quite excited about this one.

And here's a video in which someone charmingly thought Tom Hardy's muffled voice would be edited in post for The Dark Knight Rises.

Have a listen to this podcast!

And then have a listen to the Sneaky Dragon podcast, hosted by our pals Ian Boothby and Dave Dedrick too!

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