Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Makers of Donkey Love

Stop right now if you don't want this image to be ruined for you.

Still here? We interviewed Daryl Stoneage and Tyler Chandler, director and producer of Donkey Love respectively, after watching their movie. This movie:

We also learned about Daryl's past life as Uncle Traveling Matt (find out more at

While we're on the subject of Daryl and Tyler's work, have a look at this short film about local comedian Shlomo McPeake's Mr. Roboto act:

Got all that? Enjoy the episode.


Dave D said...

A few questions:
1. Have there ever been any Donkey Human hybrids born in Columbia?
2. Did the donkey's seem happy to live in Columbia?
3. If you have a sick Donkey - how do you send it to Columbia?

Eric Fell said...

The latest Rifftrax is called "Juan and his Donkey." I don't know if I can watch it.