Saturday, January 24, 2009

Episode 2.06

Allen Morrison joins us on the program this week. He's never heard Chocolate Rain. Never. That fact, and the promise that we'd put Chocolate Rain on the blog got cut from the show, but that doesn't stop us from putting up this embarrassingly out-dated link:

We'll see if we can find anything else that's super hilarious. I've heard some things about cgi dancing babies.

Another fun fact cut from the show was this story about Jacques Chirac getting attacked by his depressed Maltese.

Not cut from the show was our promotion of this month's Pub Quiz, happening at the Anza Club (8th and Main) this Wednesday the 28th of January at 8pm. Get there early to register your team (more info here).

Also not cut were our Matt Berry impressions. Who, you ask? The guy whose voice is in this commercial:

This Guy!

Anything I forgot? Ummmmmmmmmmmm......
Oh, the episode.

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